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Details Controlling-Reproduction-An-American-History-Worlds-of-Women

Controlling Reproduction Contains 39 writings on the history of reproduction in the US. This title stresses the centrality of gender in the history of reproduction and explores how and why reproduction - as a biological, social, and economic function ...

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Details Cultural-Reproduction

Cultural Reproduction While addressing ideology and structural determinacy in cultural reproduction theory, this collection of original essays seeks also to explore other possibilities, in terms of ethno-methodology, Durkheimianism, structuralism and ...

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Details Reproduction-Remastered

HUMAN LEAGUE Reproduction (2003 UK 17-track digitally remastered CD album - Originally released in 1979 their debut album featured the single Empire State Human plus Bonus Recordings including The Dignity Of Labour [Parts 1-4] Being Boiled [Fast ...

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Details Comparative-Vertebrate-Reproduction

Comparative Vertebrate Reproduction is the only comprehensive textbook covering major topics in the reproductive biology of vertebrates, from sexuality and gametogenesis to reproductive ecology and life history tactics. The work draws heavily on ...